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The New Jersey Applied Water Research Center operates from the New Jersey Institute of Technology's Otto H. York Center for Environmental Engineering & Science. The OYC has been at the forefront of national environmental research on detection and remediation of hazardous waste in surface and ground waters for more than a decade.

The NJAWRC is a partnership of the New Jersey Section of the American Water Works Association and NJIT. The partnership has been organized to develop and carry out collaborative studies that match the OYC analytical resources with other funding sources to address source water, water treatment or distribution system problems identified by purveyors, industry, Federal or State regulatory agencies.

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Lee Lippincott

Dr. Taha Marhaba

New Jersey Applied Water Research Center
Otto H. York Center for Environmental Engineering & Science
138 Warren Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Telephone 973-596-3233
Fax 973-642-7170


  • Conduct applied water research to address the needs of New Jersey's drinking water supply infrastructure and to complement national research foundations
  • Conduct applied water research that has immediate impact and applications, such as security-related research
  • Encourage New Jersey water utilities, consultants, and universities to conduct joint water research to minimize duplication
  • Provide an industrial perspective to graduate research programs at New Jersey colleges and universities
  • Address all relevant drinking water issues and needs in New Jersey
  • Establish an information system to disseminate to the public and private sectors results of academic and water research activities.

Funding advantages

The NJAWRC has reduced overhead rates in addition to the expected reductions achieved from economy of scale achieved in the university laboratory.

  • Share applied research costs
  • Avoid purchase of sophisticated analytical
  • systems
  • Limit capital and operating costs to project use
  • Obtain skilled labor with experienced
  • supervision.